Monday, November 23, 2009

i do

so lately, I've become kinda interested in watching crappy television. Well that isn't that recent....
but as of late I've been watching so much wedding channel and lifetime "stupid shows about weddings." I don't know why? Its not like that sort of thing is anywhere near close in my personal lifeline. And these women are so... stupid. I especially hate Bridezilla. In a I-can't-stop-watching-this-crazy-bitch sort of way.
So last night I got to thinking about my wedding, my imaginary wedding.... okay anyway so all these stupid women want flowers on everything. I don't really care about flowers, aesthetically or otherwise, and I think that its incredibly wasteful, both monetarily and environmentally. Plus its impersonal, its just what everyone does for thier wedding. WELL I AIN'T BUYING IT! This thought process led me to thinking about robots and dinosaurs and the like for my centerpieces. RIGHT?! I know!
Like every table would have something that me and my future husband were interested in, as the themes, and maybe we could scout vintage and thrift shops for old fifties toys and make the BALLEREST center pieces. And like one could be mini Eames chairs. Except those are mad expensive. But probably cheaper than a shit ton of flowers. And way more personal to me and mines. And then when you got your table assignment it would just have your name on a card in the shape of a T-Rex. But the classiest T-Rex, not one for five year olds but for married people. Duh. And then you would know you're at the dinosaur table. And who wouldn't be happy at the dinosaur table, I'd like to know?

I went to the Parson's, Hunter, and Columbia open studios this week- artsy fartsy photos to come.