Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicago makes me happy

I just got back from Chicago, after being away for three days from the office I'm swimming in lots of work. And tomorrow sounds like a whole day away from the office running around on a special top secret mission. Look out for me in the city... and maybe Queens. These posts will be short.
My camera is at home, sleeping after being exhausted during its trip. And also, maybe I forgot it. So short, and photoless.

Highlights of my trip:
-Halloween, duh
-Meeting Kirsten and Becky's new roommate, Bill, a championship swimmer who wakes up at 3AM every weekday to go swimming, still wears his retainer 7 years later, and Barbie is the name of his girlfriend. This dude was totes amazing.
-Riding bikes with three other ladies in costume through the Chicago streets on Halloween night, hooting and hollering, and being hooted and hollered at.
-Spooning Becky and Kirsten
-Two dollar PBR's at the Skylark
-Tews and Sean Web djing so good
-Sleepwalking for the first time ever
-Eating Caprese Eggs Benedict at Orange, TACO BURRITO KING, homemade potato chips at Jerrys', and a veggie burger plus caramel milkshake at Earwax
-Thrift shopping, in an all leopard print outfit with Kirsten in an all zerba print jumpsuit. Animal Print Day.
-Seeing some amazing people, loving them, having long lifetalks
-Chicago Bike Messengers make great eye candy
-Getting drinks with my favorite Chicago EIC, at the ballerest cafe in Chicago, and exploring Southport
-Riding the El and the buses in general
-Running around the O'Hare terminal like a crazy person with no shoes on and hands full of tenthousandthings flailing about, "Hi can I skip you my flight is in just minutes! Okay? OKAY! thank you sooooo much!"- just making my flight by a hair.

Chicago is amazing, and this trip was fabulous. So much more to come.

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