Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I headed to New Jersey for the weekend. Although I had an enjoyable time, I also remembered why I stay away from Jersey. There is shit to do, people get way too drunk, and beer pong is played. I'm kinda a beer pong hater.
HOWEVER! some of my favorite people to drink a crappy light beer were there, including the fabulous Party Person of Honor, recent NYU graduate and Local New Jersey resident, Megan, along with her old roommate Steph, and some lovely old high school friends. We took a bike ride, because, thank god, they ride bikes in their small town. The old clunkers are kinda hard to ride after riding my sleeker bike in the city, but the colors are amazing. I rode a deep blue one, which I kinda drunkenly borrowed (stole) from an unknowning high school student for a quick ride to the bay.
Amazing Harley inspired bike.

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