Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chicago Nostalgia part one

Me and Caroline went thrift and consignment shopping up and down Milwaukee only to end up at Niche, the very expensive shoe store. Caroline bought some amazing shoes, and I sat grumpy with a budget.
This is Snew, the resident cat in Coale's residence. He (Coale, not the cat) lives in this little part of town right behind the Blue Line when it comes back above ground. Because the subway is blocking many streets from continuing on to the other side the area he lives in is wonderfully secluded and completely charming enclave.
The very first thing I said when I walked into his apartment was "Woah! You have an Eames rocker?! Is that real?"
"I thought it was from IKEA," was Coale's response. I checked, it is a real Eames, and Coale's roommate Ricky confirmed it. Over all the space was decorated really nicely, the color palate, the old furniture. I could do without a massive TV, but I still enjoyed the space.
My first time sitting in an Eames rocker.Spencer lives in the coolest loft ever with some crazy large furniture. I have a love for massive furniture, which is unfortunate because I live in New York and everything is small. Spencer's apt can host it all.

I found this little ditty on the coffee table (made of two doors). I still can't decide if I'm in love or repulsed.

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