Friday, June 20, 2008

I'll break your face

Ahem...little known fact-I've been practicing Tae Kwon Do since the ripe old age of seven.
This makes me a black belt.
I still try to go to class once or twice a week at Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Afterwards we always go to this diner called "the Flame." These are some kids that could definitely break your face.

And this is how we roll. Limo or not at all. Bitches.
(I'm just joking, one of us is a Limo driver and was kind enough to extend his services for free, just so all us brooklynites could get home safe. We listened to bad rap like Ride Wit Me by Nelly, its practically mandatory when riding a limo, duh.)

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Paul Pincus said...

great post. love his specs.