Thursday, May 15, 2008

Style Wars

The idea for style wars was project runway meets a five minute time limit sent through a mega art school filter, and down the runway comes amazingly creative, one of a kind pieces.

What it actually turned out being was a big group of people drinking tons of free stoli, a shit sound system, and lots of poles in the way from being able to take a decent shot of the runway itself.
Introducing the newest member of the Long Red Heads Club. Someone should tell him, not everyone can be Andre J.We got bored with the actual event and grabbed some more free stoli before jetting over to nearby Le Royale. I love it there, perhaps too much. Terry ended up giving us more and more free booze, which I couldn't take anymore and started doling out to the gents.

A happy group on their way home.
I held on to the subway seat for support on the ride back to the BK and I drank an entire litre of seltzer before I went to sleep, so I wasn't really that hung over. Drinking water always does the trizzick.

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