Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dancin' Fool

One thing that is important to know is that I am a dancin' fool, and I particualrly love to swing dance. SO when a swing dancing event found itself in my e-mail, I jumped on it. I went to this swing dancing event at Galapagos in B-berg. I thought it would be really cool, lots of swing dancing, jive turkeys, big band etc. But it was TERRIBLE. Don't go to a swinghouse monthly event if you actually want to swing dance. They kept interrupting any potential swinging with a bunch of "side show vaudeville" acts that could have been cool IF I didn't want to dance... and if they weren't tacky. The ventriloquist, Carla Rhodes, was at least whitty and sarcastic.
The next act was dumb. To be creative (?) they took this long plastic straw and strung it through both their noses and mouths, then the dude drank wine through the straw. I felt like they were trying to be shocking while it really came off as annoying.
The only saving grace was this amazing jug band, although no jugs seemed to be involved, only washboards. Still, the Jug Addicts made some good jams, finally something to swing to! Except there were maybe four people who actaully were dancing, I guess the mood was pretty dead by then.
In the other room was a fantasticly entertaining and talented hip hop duo, and at the end of the night, most of the swing kids ended up over here. I can't blame them, there was this:

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