Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gilbert and Geroge

Last Saturday was the Brooklyn Museum's once monthly First Saturday party thing where the museum stays open way past its bed time. On display currently is the fantastic Gilbert and George!

Quirky doesn't even begin to describe how wonder filled this space is.
The artistic duo, who met in the late 60's, really get it. They understand the artist's work only starts with the piece.
They have a full comprehension of how important scale, framing and environment factor into the overall outcome of their work. Somehow they have a thread of consistency without being forced into a very strict Gilbert and George box.
There is a level of accessibility that allows the viewer to engage with the work at a superficial level and then to delve into its deeper levels. Pretentious its not.
FUN-QUIRKY-COLORFUL-LOUD- are some adjectives I would use. LARGE is another one.

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