Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was invited to a slammin' gallery opening last night. It was a private event, but the real deal is tonight at the Gering and Lopez gallery. KAWS's work was up for the viewing, and it is stunning. Completely and totally up my alley.
I wanted to tell him that I too once made Sponge Bob art, except mine was a video piece and also had to do with Sex and the City, and he probably didn't want to hear about it...
But I loved on the work.

A billion KAWS heads.

Also, Ashlee's baby's daddy, Pete Wentz was there. That was kinda... he was there. I guess he also likes sponge bob.
And Karim Rashid, in pink, as per usual. Here he is with the artist, and Julie who was wearing the HOTTEST back-seamed stockings. Yowzah.

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