Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Philadelphia’s Magic Mosaic Gardens

Let me tell you whats overwhelming. Having 40 new friends that you really REALLY want to see scattered across the states (and the Netherlands!) (and Israel!). After my trip I was lucky enough to have made some particularly phenomenal friends, dubbed Beautiful Bubbles by our tour leader. Now-I'm not planning any trips over seas or across the country any time soon, but Philly seemed manageable. Two (extremely nauseous) hours later Bolt Bus delivered me into the city of brotherly love. Or, as I like to think of it, Bubbly Love. I met up with Lisa and Brian to tour the Magic Gardens of Isaiah Zagar. In a word- overwhelming- in the best way. Just like having 40 friends.
Isaiah is obviously full of krazy. But who doesn't love a krazy every now and then? Especially when they make really amazing art I can walk through? Every inch of the indoor and outdoor space was drenched with mosaic madness.
Isaiah often placed images of himself within the work, always having three arms and often in the nude. Also, if you cared to search the maze, you could often find all sorts of unique items he incorporated into the madness.Embedded into the wall were all sorts of tea pots, bottles, and other liquid containers.And here we found a Buddha just lounging, enjoying the view.
What was so cool about the space was how you could walk through it and really interact. I could feel the 3AM nights, where I imagined Isaiah tired as a mofo but working relentlessly regardless. The drive to make conquering the need for sleep.
Brian, Lisa, and I dreamed up the perfect wedding, designating different sections of the maze as a specialty cocktails area, a vegan pigs in a blanket station (well the vegan part may have been me) and a spectacular dance floor, no decorating required. There were unlimited nooks and crannies for the best man and a bridesmaid to get their make out on. Plus all the kids would just entertain themselves by playing hide and seek in the maze. Perfect!
What was really extra special was being able to spend all this time with these two wonderful people.
Because whats better than a reunion in a magical place?
Isaiah has either been commissioned, or took it upon himself, to mosaic much of the surrounding area. So there are people who live in houses adorned with his work, and store fronts covered with the stuff. Its like an exploration in alternative graffiti. It makes the neighborhood a really beautiful place to spend time in. I'm sure all the residents are saying-

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