Sunday, August 8, 2010

PS1 Warm Up!

Every summer PS 1 MoMA hosts Warm Up on Saturdays. Let me tell you about a good time. If you want to have one I think you should head over before it comes to an end. There are two things that make Warm Up better than just visiting the museum.
The first is there is always live music and people dancing. Usually its DJ stuff, but every once and while you get a band too. And its super fun to be dancing with all these people in the middle of the day with our devil may care attitude.
The second best part is the outdoor installation, usually interactive, done in collaboration by the Young Architects Program. This "gives emerging architects the opportunity to build projects conceived for P.S.1’s facility in Long Island City, Queens," according to the website.
This year the installation was so simple and subtle, that it really was just right, perfection. Like a reflection of a great summer day- one that involves both sun and shade, relaxation and activity. Streching over the expanse of the yard was a great trapeze-like net held up by several poles. The great net hosted plenty of brightly colored exercise balls which created nice patches of shade to hide from the sun. There were also strategically placed hoops through which you could bounce the balls out from the net and let them careen down to the ground (or attempt to throw back into the net... which I failed at spectacularly) to sit yer ass upon. Or bounce around. Or throw at your friend's face. The whole installation encouraged interaction, and not only did I see people trying to get the balls out, but every once and a while I spotted intrepid people climbing the poles:In the side room, the poles made different sounds as you wobbled them. They were connected to the internet, and if you had a iPhone you could control the volume of the poles with it.
Also there were a few hammocks scattered around, but it was almost impossible to snag one. They did look comfortable though.
The art inside I have to say was the worst collection thus far. I guess when you don't have Olafur Eliasson everywhere everything else just pales in comparison. There was this neat tree, cement dust installation- a comment of the de-rainforestation going on in Brazil.
I've heard that one before...
And of course the basement is always cool, both in temperature (zing!) and if you like old relics. Someone had been gold leafing bits and pieces everywhere, but all we saw of his/her presence was bits of gold scattered on the ground and smatterings of leaf on the vintage machinery.

We headed back outside to get some dance party in:
And from somewhere balloons floated out into the crowd. Those balloon combined with bubbles from a bubble gun added to the fun! I took a picture but BARBARA PHOTO BOMBED THAT SHIT!
Take two-
Also- this guy was there...
And these guys. They are art.

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