Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Cooper Hewitt Shop

Me and the company wanted to take the intern to the Cooper Hewitt to check out the Design Triennial. Of course due to poor planning on our part, we forgot to check what time it closed. When we got there 20 bucks a person for only a half hour just didn't seem to make sense. But it wasn't a total waste of time, the shop was open for us to peruse, for free! Brian, the curator? buyer? finder? come on my selector? for the store always makes good choices. It was hard to photograph my favorites because they were often under glass.
I totally dug these watch shaped wrist bands. Playful and sweet. I would like to wear them all at once, two for each arm.
These necklaces also charmed me. A much better version for ladies than the patronizing all-pink tool sets for ladies the Home Depot sells. Though I could see a hunky, hip man in a v-neck shirt wearing the saw one...
And these are just weird. There is a part of me that wants to buy a set and mail it to John Waters.